Supporting Your Community
Last Updated: 七月 13, 2020

Helping Each Other

In organization theorymutual aid is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. Mutual aid projects are a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions.  Given the extent of the COVID-19 crisis, mutual aid is essential to our moment.

Volunteer Your Skills & Time

  • 西雅圖COVID-19中的藝術家救濟基金會: a fund helping the greater Seattle arts community who have been financially impacted by cancellations due to COVID-19.
  • 西雅圖基金會COVID-19應急基金:與受冠狀病毒和疫情造成的經濟影響嚴重影響的社區合作。
  • 全部在西雅圖: join by donating to support food security, communities, workers, small businesses, housing and rental assistance.
  • 藝術家信託救濟基金: supports Washington state artists throughout this crisis, with cash grants, resources, and more. The Rapid response grant for Washington State artists impacted by COVID-19.
  • 小型企業穩定基金: the emergency fund for businesses impacted by COVID-19 launched by the Seattle Office of Economic Development is accepting direct donations. The fund’s grants support the day-to-day operating expenses of eligible microbusinesses.
  • 保持工人安全健康基金: The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is focused on providing continuity for vulnerable businesses. Including those who may not be eligible for the City’s program and their employees. The Chamber is working to set up a website to accept online contributions.



Help by sharing information with organizers and governmental entities about what is happening on the ground. Take these surveys to share the impact.

Supporting Neighbors & Community

  • 金縣COVID-19社區研究 正在收集有關COVID-19大流行如何影響金縣內個人,家庭和社區的信息和故事。他們有興趣了解更多有關人們如何適應和應對這些影響的知識。
  • 幫助追踪病毒: Fill in the survey and sign up for at home testing. Help King County officials understand the pandemic.
  • 找到面具: 查看地下室,急救箱,工作台中的N95口罩並捐贈 
  • 口罩和個人防護裝備: 擁有3D打印機還是可以縫製? 1億個面具項目 和 反對COVID-19的工匠 FB Groups both working to provide masks and personal protection equipment.
  • 獻血是必不可少的活動。 安排捐贈時間 Bloodworks Northwest.



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