Financial Survival for Creatives

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Last Updated: 十月 13, 2020

Sustaining Your Finances

No sector is more dramatically affected than the creative sector, especially the parts of it that consist of live events and gatherings.  As we occupy this new extended reality, our first step is to support each other in protecting our health and financial stability during this time of enormous change.

In March, Congress approved the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).  This economic stimulus package includes a number of strategies for keeping business and employment intact during the crisis, while ensuring funding for individuals throughout the country in the form of a stimulus check and expanded unemployment benefits.Learn more about the whole package of federal stimulus efforts at this helpful CARES Act FAQ for individuals by the New York Times.  

Otherwise, maintaining your personal financial sustainability during this time depends on your situation.  You may end up accessing savings, suspending rent and utilities, applying for unemployment or SBA loans, utilizing mutual aid resources, or some combination.  Look below for more details on navigating the resources and options available nationally and locally. 

And if you are located in Washington State, consider signing up for a session with an expert from Artists Up, who can help navigate the available resources.

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Most people are eligible for a $1200 Economic Impact Payment from the IRS, and many have received the money automatically as a direct deposit or payment-by-mail.  

Please see our new articles on Unemployment here:

With the CARES Act, expanded unemployment benefits will be available for those who are unemployed or underemployed due to coronavirus, including historically ineligible workers, such as self-employed people and part-time workers.  


Eligible workers will get an extra $600 per week on top of their state benefit at least until July 31, and it looks likely that it will be extended by the HEROES Act, for at least $300 per week.


See the articles listed above for more details on how to apply in Washington State. Or visit the Employment Security Department (ESD):

Independent contractors and other small business owners may be eligible for one of the SBA programs, such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). While these programs are intended primarily to sustain payroll during the crisis, many sole proprietors and single-member LLCs have been eligible to cover personnel costs for themselves as well.


For more information on these SBA offerings, visit our page on Business Relief or go directly to the SBA site about coronavirus relief.

出租: We do not currently have a As of June 2, Washington state has extended the moratorium on residential evictions through August 1. This includes a ban on late fees, other charges, or retaliation against tenents for late payment of rent. A similar moratorium on commercial evictions for small businesses and nonprofits has been ordered as well. 


Rental assistance may be available from the following:  All Seattle Kids Home, Byrd Barr Place, Catholic Community Services, Downtown Emergency Service Center, El Centro De La RazaJewish Family Services生命線Plymouth Housing GroupSolid GroundSaint Vincent de PaulSalvation ArmyUniversity Churches Emergency FundWellspring Family ServicesWest Seattle HelplineWorld Relief Seattle, YWCA Assistance Programs


實用程序: 西雅圖公用事業公司和西雅圖城市之光 - Utilities Discount Plan. Customers can request a deferred payment plan or apply for a utilities discount. Many other cities and utilities have similar plans. Washington state has requested that utilities don’t shut off your water, electricity or other utilities for non-payment if you’re out of work.


電話和互聯網: 這個 西雅圖/金縣資源指南 概述了電話和互聯網提供商目前提供的服務,從免收的滯納金到免費的無限制數據(第5頁)


小費: 連接以提供住房,公用事業,食品等方面的幫助,  華盛頓連接 和 WA 211 是否可以幫助您找到諸如租金補助,食品和服務之類的東西。

Food Resources: Check out the Seattle-Area Emergency Food Resources Map for food banks, school food programs and other food access resources.


食物或其他用品掉落在您的前門: 您可以向 請求互助支持小組。您也可以在那裡自願。


健康與保健: 在我們的網站上查找有關個人和公共衛生,醫療保健和保險的信息 Personal Health & Safety page.  If you are concerned about your health or the health of a loved one, visit the 金縣公共衛生COVID-19頁,或致電金縣公共衛生熱線:206-477-3977。



  • 金縣聯合之路 有食品,法律服務,工作資源,賬單等資源。
  • 華盛頓連接 和 WA 211 是否可以幫助您找到諸如租金協助,食品,公交車費,醫療保健和其他服務之類的東西。
  • 聯繫 公民法律援助辦公室 尋求幫助包括:失業補償,驅逐和止贖,追債,家庭安全和家庭暴力。

The main tip on navigating credit and debt issues is to contact your lender directly and ask.  Most banks and financial institutions are offering some kind of suspension on payments and fees, reduced interest, or other relief but you have to call and ask.  It is worth the time on hold.


助學貸款: 您也許可以 暫停聯邦學生貸款.


按揭: 抵押協助和止贖預防 華盛頓州房主的信息。



Federal taxes: IRS has postponed most federal tax filing and payment deadlines to July 15, and is allowing further filing extensions on request.  

They are also encouraging those who are due a refund to file ASAP.

These efforts are a part of the People First Initiative, a sweeping series of steps to help taxpayers by offering relief on everything from suspending installment payments, to halting liens and levies, to cancelling collections.


Local & State Taxes:  While we don't owe personal income tax in Washington State, small businesses and sole proprietors may pay B&O and/or excise taxes.  The Washington Department of Revenue is granting extensions on payments, but you must contact them to request the extension. 


Seattle's Finance & Administrative Services has also extended B&O filings and payments, and it is applied automatically without need to contact them.



  • 4文化金縣文化救助基金 將分發$1百萬。現在向居住在金縣的個人開放申請,他們可以展示在藝術,遺產,保存或公共藝術領域以及與藝術,遺產或保存相關的主要任務的組織中正在進行的工作。第一輪資金將於4月1日至5月15日分配。
  • 藝術家救濟 將向因COVID-19而面臨嚴重財務緊急情況的美國藝術家分發$5,000贈款。
  • 藝術家信託救濟基金: 快速響應贈款支持生計受到COVID-19影響的藝術家的關鍵需求。 (該基金目前已關閉)
  • 西雅圖COVID-19中的藝術家救濟基金會:資助因COVID-19取消而受到財務影響的更大的西雅圖藝術社區。 (該基金目前已關閉)
  • More funding resources are available in our 資源目錄.

華盛頓州獲得了聯邦撥款,以支持COVID-19的經濟復甦。 This program assists workers throughout Washington to get new jobs, receive training for in-demand careers, and get targeted help with their job search.


The program will:

  • 將下崗工人安排到應對或緩解COVID-19災難影響的工作中,包括應急管理,治療和檢疫區域的設置,失業人數的獲得,行為和發展健康,保管服務,交付,食品銀行,庇護所以及社會和公共服務。
  • Provide workers with career coaches to help create customized re-employment plans,  job searches, and placement into jobs on the 州的COVID-19基本工作清單 和別的 高需求職業,下崗工人的短期工作準備培訓以及長期培訓。

與您當地的人聯繫 工作源 通過電話或電子郵件獲取更多信息。

While unemployment is really high, that doesn't mean that no one is hiring.  If you are looking for work, here are a few places to start...



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