Stage Directors and Choreographers Society

SDC is the theatrical union that unites, empowers, and protects professional Stage Directors and Choreographers throughout the United States. Our mission is to foster a national community of professional stage Directors and Choreographers by protecting the rights, health and livelihoods of all our Members; to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and opportunities, while educating the current and future generations about the role of Directors and Choreographers; and to provide effective administrative, negotiating and contractual support.

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The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDCS) is providing a resource list of information and funds. Helpful that this source has state-specific grants and funding and is updated regularly. There are also a few international resources listed.

Lots of topics that this list covers, including
– Arts Agency and Arts Service Organization Pages and Roundups
– Federal Relief Information: CARES ACT / Unemployment Resources
– National Relief Funds and Financial Assistance
– Local Relief Funds, Financial Assistance
– Academia
– Ways to help your community
– Health and Safety Information


(as of 5.15.20)

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