Whipsmart is a new statewide nonprofit service organization and industry association for the creative sector born from the work of Washington Filmworks. They give creative professionals the tools they need to succeed, by meeting them where they’re at—offering intentionally curated mentorships, job opportunities, and business resources scaled to every stage of their career.

Whipsmart’s goal is no less than to make Washington known as a global hub for creativity. They’re elevating the story of creativity, connecting creative communities across the state with information, opportunities, and inspiration. They’re working to build a stronger, more resilient economy that uses creatives as the fundamental building block for success—by putting creativity to work in Washington State.

A statewide survey of creative workers regarding the social safety net.

Washington Filmworks and Whipsmart have been hearing a lot from creative workers about how hard it is to access government support programs.   Creative workers talk a lot about the difficulty in navigating a system that is not designed to support gig work and suggest that they are often denied access to unemployment insurance, workers comp, healthcare and food assistance programs.

Change can only happen if we demonstrate the challenges that creative industries are having accessing the social safety net. To help identify the scope and scale of the challenges creative workers have accessing government assistance programs, we have designed a Social Safety Net Survey.  The data from this survey will inform a report currently being drafted at the Department of Commerce about how non-traditional workers access government assistance programs.

The survey is designed for creative workers and we would appreciate it if you could use your resources and tools to help us reach creative workers across Washington State.  You can find the survey HERE.  It takes about 20 minutes to complete the survey and the deadline to fill out the survey is Wednesday, August 5.


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