Seattle Independent Artists Sustainability Effort (SIASE)

Seattle ACED is merging with Seattle Independent Artist Sustainability Effort (SIASE) to enhance self-determination and secure both short and long term sustainability of our communities through documentation, coordination, and direct advocacy.

Đảm bảo tự đại diện lâu dài và tự quyết cho các nghệ sĩ và nhân viên văn hóa

Filling out this form solidifies your place as a founding and voting member of the Freelance Artist Consortium of Seattle.

Because many artists and cultural workers are on the edge of financial precarity right now, we will NOT be seeking a membership due at this time. Any change to that policy will be made only by a vote of the membership.

About FACS:
Conceived by organizers of the Seattle Independent Artists Sustainability Effort (SIASE) to ensure long term self-representation and self-determination for artists and cultural workers. FACS is a membership organization of working freelance artists in Seattle and King County.

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