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Small Business Resources

Seattle, King County and the State of Washington are scrambling to provide assistance, guidance and resources to small businesses in every sector, and especially arts, culture and creativity.

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Food and Beverage Woes

The restaurants of the Seattle area are hurting.  In fact, food industries throughout Washington State are suffering dramatically under the COVID economy.  This round-up of local economic updates is excerpted from Zach

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The Flu and Common Cold

Feeling sick despite a rigid regiment social distancing and mask-wearing? Our COVID precautions aren’t necessarily going to prevent strep throat, stomach bugs or the common cold from spreading.

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New Surge & New Sites

More testing sites, more tests.  More tests, more awareness.  More awareness, less COVID.  Let’s do it! This post is our regular synthesis of the Public Health data, provided by Will Daugherty of Pacific Science Center.

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Avoiding the Thousand Cuts

This week, 90 Washington State political candidates signed the “Economic Recovery Pledge,” which calls on leaders “to oppose calls for knee-jerk budget cuts that will only worsen our economic crisis.”

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