Safe Start for Film and Video

guidelines for filmmaking and video production

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Did you know that that the film industry in Washington State is back to work?  Maybe you did.  But do you know what the guidelines and recommendations are for safe production?  Over the summer, Washington Filmworks worked with their national and statewide network to develop a proposal that was adjusted and then released as policy by the Governor in July.  Now they’ve got a whole site with valuable safety guidelines and resources for filmmakers statewide.

“You may not know, but Washington Film Industry has the green light to return back to work,” says Kendra Sherrill from Washington Filmworks, “as long as you’re in a county in Phase Two or Three, and as long as you follow the set safety guidelines published by the Governor’s Office.”

Kendra spoke to the set safety guidelines last week in a 45-minute workshop as a part of the Local Sightings 2020 at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle.  While the event has passed, the video is still available to view on Vimeo. Also available below, Kendra’s workshop mainly covers the particulars of a helpful Set Safety Checklist published by Washington Filmworks earlier this month.

Among the other resources that Washington Filmworks want you to know about are the Governor’s specific film industry guidelines, which are published as a part of the industry-specific Phase Two safety protocols.  All the industries and their guidelines in various re-opening phases are posted at the State’s Coronavirus Resource Site.

Beyond that, the Filmworks site itself has a plethora of useful information, with dozens of additional resources outlining safety planning, testing information, safety training opportunities, signage, PPE supplies and a video series on getting back to work.

As Filmworks also mentions, these resources and guidelines are put together from the recommendations of different government agencies, industry organizations and industry members.  But each production really should do its own due diligence to find the resources that best fit for them, and to ensure that the health and safety of their crew, cast and community are all held paramount.

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