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Mission & Vision
The mission of the WA Therapy Fund is to alleviate the burden of cost and burden of discount to both Black clients and the therapist who serve them. The WA Therapy fund foundation seeks to grant free therapeutic services to those within the Black community who are in need, and suffering from racial trauma, anxiety, depression, and other ailments due to systemic oppression, economic sufferings, and intergenerational trauma that has not been addressed in the past. WA therapy fund also aims to support the tuition costs of Black clinicians who will serve this community.

The vision of the WA Therapy Fund is to eliminate barriers to Black healing through providing therapeutic services at no cost to the client, while paying the therapists who serve them an adequate rate, along with tuition assistance. We envision this will prevent burn out, while supporting therapists business cost, potential student loan debt, and the cost of living.

The Washington Therapy Fund Foundation was founded in an effort to eliminate some of the barriers to Black healing. Apply for Funding.


This fund was created to help the Black community in Washington State. You must be facing a financial need and experiencing difficulty paying for the cost of therapy. Funds will be available on a first come first serve basis. We will make every attempt to get back to everyone ASAP. Please be advised that this is a volunteer organization and there may be delays.

You will be awarded 6 voucher numbers to cover the cost of 6 therapy sessions.

Apply for funding


If you have a provider from the provider page who you are working with please apply for funds here: APPLY

If you DO NOT have a provider on the list, please reach out to one, or have your current therapist apply to be a WA THERAPY FUND PROVIDER! DO NOT apply without a provider.


White people tend to get therapy and other folx get left out because the profession of psychology and even social work has been centered in Whiteness. – Ashley McGirt

The Washington Therapy Fund was birthed from my belly and the wombs of so many others. I was inspired to create the WA Therapy Fund after noticing that national funds quickly became utilized. Many of my clients were waitlisted for months as the need was too high. I sought to create a state specific fund focusing on Washington, the state that birthed me, and California the place that has become a second home to me. I have also inspired many of my colleagues across the nation to do the same from Tucson, Michigan, Oregon, Virginia, Georgia, and more.

The Washington Therapy Fund Foundation was founded in an effort to eliminate some of the barriers to Black healing. In direct response to the incessant police brutality and anti-Blackness the WA Therapy Fund Foundation was birthed. Therapy is expensive and insurance plans often offer low reimbursement rates for clinicians compiled with student loan debt and business costs. Capitalism and other oppressive systems can have profound impacts on our ability to cope and maintain healthy work/life balance, thus can even create and reinforce negative self-talk and messaging. This can contribute to depression, anxiety, and suicidality. Let’s alleviate this financial burden for our Black community.

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