Washington Health Benefit Exchange

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange seeks to redefine people’s experience with health care. Our mission is to radically improve how Washington residents secure health insurance through innovative and practical solutions, an easy-to-use customer experience, our values of integrity, respect, equity and transparency, and by providing undeniable value to the health care community.

Вы можете претендовать на специальную регистрацию для получения медицинской страховки, если вы недавно потеряли работу или прошли квалификационный турнир. Смотрите на сайте для более подробной информации.

Press Release May 6th: Though Special Enrollment via COVID-19 period has ended May 8th. The Exchange is also reminding people that even after May 8, individuals who have recently lost their job or their employer coverage, have experienced a change in income, or experienced another qualifying event can continue to visit WAHealthplanfinder.org or use the WAPlanfinder Mobile App to sign up online.

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