King County Local Services

If you live or do business in King County and outside a city or town, King County is your local government. The county maintains county roads and bridges, issues permits, manages land use planning, and provides many other services to unincorporated areas—which are grouped into seven Community Service Areas. King County Local Services helps connect with these services.

Only for small businesses in unincorporated King County. Includes grant funding, language support and coaching.

King County has help for small businesses in unincorporated King County—including grant money, language support, and coaching to help you apply for other funds and services.

Grant applications are open only until Friday, July 10 and businesses that receive awards will be reimbursed for up to $5,000 in expenses such as rent, utility payments, or payroll.  There is an application form on the site, and coaching and technical assistance is available specifically for the application there as well, including interpreters.

Otherwise, coaching and technical assistance is available to provide info about federal, state and local funding and loan resources, utility buill assistance, grant and funding applications, business coaching and other guidance.

Business located in cities or towns within King County should look to their own city governments for similar resources.



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