The Emergency Feeding Program

The Emergency Feeding Program began in 1977 as a partnership between the Black United Clergy for Action and the Church Council of Greater Seattle. Their goal was to create a food assistance network that would provide high quality food to all parts of King County.

Lowering Barriers to Access Food in King County.

Food insecurity is real in our community. Our goal is to lower barriers to provide access to food.

Drive-Thru Pre-Packed Bags
Drive-thru for our pre-packed bag filled with your basic essentials. Each bag has bread, produce, pasta, dairy and meat. No sign-up required. Serving all Zip-Codes **No se requiere identificación. Todo sobre el acceso

Hours: 11AM-12PM
Location: Rainier Beach High School

Satellite Fresh Market
Visit our fresh market satellite partners. Each pallet provides 500 meals. Interested in being a partner, please email Manami Imaoka

Bag Food Distribution
Our bag distribution program is reserved for our social service workers. Please click HERE to find more information.
Pick-Up Times
Fridays 11:30AM-12:30PM
Pick-Up Location: 851 Houser Way N Renton WA 98057

Community Food Pantry
If you are a community food pantry or food bank in need of supplemental food support, send us an e-mail at Manami Imaoka

Homeless Program
The SOS pop up is a weekly shopping event targeting some of the largest homeless communities throughout the city. We provide a wide variety of products ranging from ready-to-eat food and drinks, to personal hygiene kits, socks and cleaning supplies.

To learn more about this resource, please visit:




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