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Different ideas and reasons have brought us to TeamChild. Regardless of our specific roles or functions, all of us are incredibly passionate about standing up for the rights and dignity of our young clients.

Because we enjoy connecting with teenagers and young adults in our work, we invite you to connect with us as teenagers too. Click on a staff person’s headshot to see their teenage self and find out what brought them to TeamChild.

This manual includes summaries of laws, rules, and guidance in place that we believe relevant to students during the Pandemic.

This manual was created by the staff of TeamChild.

We are tenacious problem solvers with legal expertise in all aspects of the law impacting youth. Our primary areas of
practice focus on youth rights to education, healthcare, housing and the intersections between the child welfare and
juvenile court systems. We find out what matters to youth who ask for our help, and our lawyers champion their
solutions to overcome the obstacles to their success. We stand with youth.

At the time this manual was created, there remain many unknowns surrounding the future of education due to the
Covid-19 Pandemic. What is known is that all children in Washington State have a constitutional right to education,
and it must be met. Furthermore, students with disabilities are protected by federal laws that ensure they receive
instruction and related services designed for their specific learning needs. In this time of uncertainty, these rights
remain intact, and must be honored by Washington schools.

This manual includes summaries of laws, rules, and guidance in place that we believe relevant to students during the
Pandemic. We have also included some tips for parents and students advocating for the enforcement of these rights.
Sometimes following these tips may not be enough, and you may feel like talking with someone who can work with
you to enforce these rights. TeamChild may be able to help further. TeamChild currently serves the following
areas: King County, Pierce County, Spokane County, and Yakima County. If you have additional questions,
please e-mail or contact your local office directly: King, Pierce, Spokane, and

We have limited this manual to one-page summaries on various issues related to the Pandemic. If you are looking for
more detailed information on education issues and rights in Washington, you might want to try our Education
Advocacy Manual.

*Please note that things are changing rapidly, and this document may be updated and new issues may be
added to address what communities are facing.


Last revised October 5, 2020

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