Will Rodgers Motion Pioneers Foundation

The will Rodgers Motion Pioneers Foundation mission is to establish a self-perpetuating fund to assist pioneers of the motion picture industry who find themselves in need; the assistance to consist of direct financial aid, medical care and temporary business subsistence during periods of unemployment to eligible applicants.

COVID-19 specific emergency grant for those in the motion picture industry. Phase 2 now Open. Grant application is fairly involved and doesn't seem to list total grant award amounts.

Please Note: Phase 2 grants are open to a larger population of film industry workers than Phase 1. Some individuals who did not qualify for Phase 1, will qualify for Phase 2. Please carefully read the criteria below.

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility:

You must meet ALL of the following:

– You have worked in theatrical distribution (i.e. a movie studio), exhibition (i.e. a movie theater) or for a vendor exclusive to either sector for a minimum of five (5) recent years.
– You DO NOT work in the production sector of the motion picture industry (emergency relief for this sector is provided by other industry charities).
– You have NOT secured a second job or new job since your furlough/layoff due to COVID-19

Step 2: Confirm your financial need

You must meet ALL of the following:

– You have been furloughed, you are on reduced pay (50% or more), or laid off due to COVID-19.
– You have an expense for housing, medical and/or basic household essentials (such as food and toiletries) that you do not have the means to pay.
– Your housing, medical, or basic household expenses exceed the total amount you are receiving from unemployment, federal stimulus funding or other household income.

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COVID-19 Handbook for Creative Industries

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