Filthy FemCorps – HONK at CHOMP 2019 | Photo by April Jingco

Finding Funding

This article provides an overview of funding for individual artists and workers, and is supplemented by the dynamic resource directory on this site, where you can find many more listings for funding programs and other resources.

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Huzzah to Vaccines | an economic update

This post includes updates to job numbers and other economic impact information nationally and locally. The weekly regional economic update is from Zach Silk of Civic Ventures.  You can find more content by the team at Civic Ventures at their blog, Civic Skunkworks.

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By the Numbers

This weekly post is our regular synthesis of the statewide and local countywide Public Health data, provided by Will Daugherty of Pacific Science Center.

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Recovery is Waiting on the Pandemic

The economy simply can’t enter a real recovery until we secure a meaningful pandemic response, and the American people can’t be expected to make it through the economic turbulence that is sure to come without a bold stimulus plan.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness

As the SBA continues working with lenders nationwide on the Paycheck Protection Program, (PPP) small business owners should take note of a few things when it comes to applying for forgiveness.

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7 Data Dashboards

You’ll find here some of the critical data dashboards that are being used for decision-making, including virus activity, economic activity, education, employment, and more.

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