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Health & Safety

About the Virus

Feeling sick despite a rigid regiment social distancing and mask-wearing? Our COVID precautions aren’t necessarily going to prevent strep throat, stomach bugs or the common cold from spreading.

Personal Health and Wellness

COVID-19 spreads primarily person-to-person from respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks or breathes. There currently is no vaccine and the best way to prevent illness is to avoid exposure.
Since COVID-19 took hold back in March of 2020, there have been several different orders and/or guidelines issued by various federal, state and local agencies about where and how to move around safely.
With the wide and swift spread of COVID continuing, it is vital that we all understand the basic symptoms, as well as when and how to get tested.
There is a LOT of material out there about how to avoid COVID, what the symptoms are and how to get tested. But what should you prepare for in case you or someone you live with catches it?
Today we are passing along word of tools and resources to help all of us manage our emotional health.  (Most of the sentiment and resources in the beginning of this post come directly from Patty Hayes, Director of Public Health.)
With a massive public health issue like COVID-19 increasing the need for care and endangering many people's ability to afford it, it is more important than ever to get enrolled for healthcare coverage.

Safe Business Operations

This article is an overview on the economic impacts of COVID-19 and the Safe Start Washington program that outlines our reopening process.
King County began Phase 1 on the "Healthy Washington - Road to Recovery" on January 11, 2020. Continuing to take precautions is crucial to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and allow us to resume normal economic activity.
Five key workplace safety practices are required for all employers. Employees must practice social distancing, mask up, wash their hands. Workplaces must be sanitized, have a posted plan for worker illness, and include employee education.
As businesses reopen, we have seen lots of confusion and questions around regulations and guidelines. King County has a new Reopening Toolkit for small businesses available on their Safe Start website.
Seattle, King County and the State of Washington are scrambling to provide assistance, guidance and resources to small businesses in every sector, and especially arts, culture and creativity.
You’ll find here some of the critical data dashboards that are being used for decision-making, including virus activity, economic activity, education, employment, and more.
Over the summer, Washington Filmworks developed a proposal that was released as policy by the Governor in July.  Now they've got a whole site with valuable safety guidelines and resources for filmmakers statewide.

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