Creative Visions Coming Soon

inviting artists to envision the future

As we head towards 2021 and progress is announced on vaccines, we can begin to imagine the end to the pandemic, an end to the lockdowns, a return to normalcy and a move towards new normals that may not have been possible before COVID-19.

The COVID HANDBOOK FOR THE CREATIVE SECTOR is inviting artists and other creatives to reflect on their Coronavirus experience and look forward to set intentions, make predictions and envision a post-COVID world. 

We will pay folks for their time and energy, and will work with them to develop and publish their work here.

While we haven’t yet published any of these stories, we are beginning to commission these reflections currently.  If you would like support our effort to pay artists and creatives to create these visions, please become a member and support us through the Patreon page:

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And check back soon for the first of these reflections.

Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash

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