About the Handbook

The COVID-19 Handbook for the Creative Sector was created in order to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date online resource page and handbook with public health news, information, tips and resources as local landscape changes through the weeks and months of the COVID-19 crisis.  

The Handbook is intended to consolidate and/or coordinate with other information resources for the creative sectors, including resource efforts by other government agencies, nonprofit service providers and grassroots collectives who have formed during this time at the local and statewide levels to ensure mutual aid and universal access to resources.

The Handbook is published by Fife Consulting and is supported primarily through funding and partnership from King County Creative, 4Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

About Our Team

The Handbook was developed by a team of communications and arts policy professionals that has included the following:

  • Andy Fife, Cultural Policy Specialist
  • Leigh Sims, Public Relations Specialist
  • Caroline Dodge, Outreach and Community Relations Specialist
  • Aaron Starkey, Web Design and Development
  • Jaeeun Kim, Research Specialist (Seattle ARTS)
  • Sandy Esene, Research Specialist (Seattle ARTS)

About Fife Consulting

Fife Consulting is a small firm in Seattle that specializes in cultural policy and nonprofit organizational development. In addition to the publishing behind The Handbook, we have provided a broad range of services in leadership development, planning, policy and community relations for nonprofits, government agencies and small businesses in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the country.  You can learn more about us on our main website.  Go to www.fife.consulting >>

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